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Corporate Governance

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As Anesiva continues to grow and build upon its scientific and clinical development expertise, we remain committed to the sound principles of corporate governance. Our corporate governance standards not only dictate our internal conduct they also guide our external business practices with partners, clinicians, and shareholders as well as other companies within our industry. Anesiva is committed to building upon its history of corporate integrity, and the highest standards of honesty and reliable business conduct. At Anesiva we work to nurture an ethical culture that firmly embraces our Standards of Business Conduct.

The following electronic documents (PDF) contain specific information regarding our Corporate Governance Guidelines:

Document View
Corporate Governance Guidelines   PDF   23.3 KB
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics   PDF   48.3 KB

Board Committee Charters

Document View
Audit Committee   PDF   26.1 KB
Compensation Committee   PDF   20.3 KB
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee   PDF   25.5 KB

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